When it comes to home safety, there are a number of safety products to choose from. To protect your property from the perimeter, you can install a surveillance system, flood lights and motion detectors. Of course, installing a security system is always a good idea, but if you can’t afford that, there are websites that will sell a sticker for your windows that says you have one installed. There are also door stop alarms and other entrance alerts

If someone does break in, you can keep your valuables secured in diversion safes. These are safes that are disguised as deodorant cans, hair spray cans, even soda cans where you can keep jewelry and other small valuables. These are especially great when you go on vacation. But if someone breaks in while you’re home, or if you’re somewhere you don’t mean to be and find yourself fearing for your safety, you need a whole different line of safety products.

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