The garage is one of the least safe places in the house. Knowing some home safety tips for the garage can prevent accidents. Here are some safety tips for the garage:

  • Store chemicals in locked cabinets, particularly if you have small children.
  • Store flammable materials like gasoline in the appropriate containers. In addition, make sure the containers are appropriately labeled.
  • Lock up power tools and other tools, especially saws or anything with a sharp edge.
  • Don’t try to enter or exit a garage while the door is going down.
  • Always keep a close eye on children in the garage.
  • Make sure the garage door opener is working properly, and make sure the auto-reverse sensors are working. And don’t let children play with the garage door opener remotes.
  • Store children’s toys where they can get to them so you reduce the temptation for them to go exploring in the garage.

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